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The European network ZEPA

European Zone of Artistic Projects

Within the framework of the European programme INTERREG IV (ZEPA*), the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau joins with 8 organizations and institutions in France and in England. Under the aegis of the European Community, this innovative cross-border network aims at contributing, through its support to Street Arts creation, to the cultural, social, tourist and economic development of the concerned territories, by impulsing a pro-active dynamics towards the populations. The first phase of development of the project is on the period 2008-2012.
* European Zone of Artistic Projects



As part of European network ZEPA, 6 British Street Theatre companies arrive to le Pays de Morlaix.



The base of the ZEPA project is composed of three main axes


Making in-roads and illuminating the euro-regions

Each of the 9 partners of the network are well known in their geographic area, thanks to operations with the local partners, i.e. local authorities, artistic and cultural organisations, companies and specific communities… The network created by the ZEPA project will enable the accumulation of the effects of each of the 9 partners, to guarantee a better penetration of all the euro-regions and a fruitful increase in national and cross-border co-operation.

Local artistic project

The production and performance for communities in public open spaces are at the centre of the overall project. The notion of “euroregion artistic projects” illustrates a crosscutting approach to the euro-region, implemented by the artists. The latter have to seize the challenges identified by the partners, such as citizenship, urban regeneration, adapt to and take over the heritage, educational development, to design co-operation projects implemented with a direct link with the population in question.

The development of a sustainable exchange based on the living heritage of the euro-regions

Training courses, exchanges of knowledge, meetings with the inhabitants and professionals, the creation of shared multi-media tools (Internet site), and traces are all partners’ action, aiming at leaving an imprint of joint work, as well as encounters and mutual enhancement, which are at the heart of the project.


The project partners

Le Fourneau - Centre National des Arts de la Rue en Bretagne
In France L'Atelier 231 à Sotteville lès Rouen et le Fourneau à Brest, Centres Nationaux des Arts de la Rue ; Amiens Métropole - le Hangar ; Culture Commune en Pas-de-Calais. In England Brighton Festival ; Hat Fair Festival à Winchester ; Zap Art ; Southampton City Concil ; Sea Change Arts (Out There Festival à Great Yarmouth).
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