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Repertory shows

Annibal et ses éléphants - Misérables !

Colombes (92) – Creation in 2006 Fairground theatre – 60 mn – accessible to all

They did not read Victor Hugo's novel. The adapter has been on the run since a notice of deportation threatened him. The only comedienne was been escorted back to the border because her papers are out-of-date. The main actor arrives late, he still wears the costume of the sales promotion he did as a source of income,..All this is very pathetic, does not make us want to laugh. Nevertheless...

When Victor Hugo sets the scene for 3 days Morlaix town hall...

>> On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th at 9:03 pm, and Friday 6th at 9:33 pm

Team and partners

Team Artistic direction: Frédéric Fort, Gianni Fussi and Thierry Lorent, author Frédéric Fort assited by Irchad Benzine, Gianni Fussi and Thierry Lorent, directing Evelyne Fagen and Alan Boone, actors: Irchad Benzine, jean-Michel Besançon, Frédéric Fort, Gianni Fussi and Thierry Lorent, scenography: Franck Fortecoëf assisted by Gianni Fussi, painting: Nicolas Diaz, construction : Olivier Bruchet assisted by Milan Petrovic, Gianni Fussi and Irchad Benzine, costumes : Emmanuelle Ballon assisted by Sylvie Berthou, administration: Bernadette Baratier

Partners Production: Annibal et ses éléphants Company and la Cave à Théâtre Co-production : Le Moulin Fondu in Noisy-le-Sec, l'Atelier 231 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, le Fourneau in Brest – National Centres for Street Arts. Supports: l'Adami, le Conseil général des Hauts-de-Seine, la DMDTS, la DRAC Île-de-France, SACD / Châlon dans la Rue : « Auteurs d'Espace », Town of Colombes (92), Town of Bourget (93).

Puzzle Théâtre - Le passant

Chelles (77) – Creation in 1993 Street clown and invisible theatre – 60 mn – Accessible to all

A clown strolls down the streets. He bumps into passers-by and improvises in front of them, now stunned. Each encounter is an occasion to take people in his absurd universe. He walks the pigeons, organizes races of pushchairs, is alternately a hairdresser, a torero, a sheriff, a baby, an old gypsy and even sometimes a victim of roguish walkers...

Jackà Maré Spino, French-Colombian clown and director, travelled the world with this show in the public place.

>> On Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th at 9:03 pm.

Team and partners

Team Created and directed by: Jackà Maré Spino. With: Jackà Maré Spino, Gaëlle Guillou, Luis Miguel Hurtado

Partners Production: Puzzle Théâtre d’Assemblage Company

Les Alama's Givrés - Formation incognito

Pantin (93) – Creation in 2006 Street theater – 60 mn – accessible to all

Are you looking for a job with prospects ? Are you considering a career change? Do you want to increase your skills? Join the ranks of Incognito training. For discretion sake, this training programme cannot be revealed. A complete training, supervised by a « first class » educational team. The street will be our school and the town our experimentation ground. The outside rules and the safety instructions will be given to you on the day the new school year starts.

We almost don’t need to introduce Les Alama's Givrés Company anymore, who have brought its committed and quirky sense of humour in the biggest street-theatre festivals for about 20 years. Amongst its most famous shows, we shall remember « Toubib or not toubib », « La Pirogue » or more recently « Le Pic de Hubbert ». In this last creation « Formation Incognito », the company chooses a duo, an « all terrain » show that will make you discover the town under a different light..

>> On Wednesday 4th at 4:16 pm, Thursday 5th at 5:17 pm and Friday 6th at 9:59 am


Team Avec : With: Laurent Desflèches and Patrick Dordoigne

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