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Recent creations

Luc Amoros - Page blanche

Strasbourg (67) – Creation on 2009-2010 Monumental performance – 60 mn – accessible to all

Imagine a big scaffolding erected in place Allende, monumental object integrated into the architecture of la Cité du Viaduc, like an immense blank page; painted or carved images, sometimes even painted slowly appear on the canvas, in front of the crowd. Page Blanche is a collective fresco, an overflowing comic strip, composed and performed by a half-dozen of young European painters-singers.

« To counteract the torrent of sterile images that no longer tell us about the world but try to sell it to us Page Blanche is a proposal made to passers-by to get ownership of their space again by reinventing stories to enchant it again, stories to widen our horizon...»
Luc Amoros

>> On Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th at 10:32 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Luc Amoros : Conception, text, direction and images, Richard Harmelle : musical composition, Vincent Frossard : technical conception and construction, Joseph Kieffer : graphic adviser, Mathieu Desanlis : administration, Bruno de Beaufort : production, touring, communication, With Agnès Bourgeois, Katharina Ernst, Lou Amoros, Pierre Biebuyck, Suzanne Berelowitch and Sylvie Eder : painting, engraving, singing, Jérôme Fohrer : music, Vincent Frossard : Stage manager, Martin Descourvières : Assistant stage manager and Master electrician, Manu Coutin : Assistant Stage manager and Master electrician, Manu Haessig : Sound master

Partners Le Fourneau in Brest, l’Atelier 231 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Le Moulin fondu in Noisy-le-Sec, and l'Abattoir in Chalon-sur-Saône, National Centres for Street Arts, European Network ZEPA (Interreg IV programme), Moselle Arts Vivants, le Hangar in Amiens, CulturesFrance in convention with la DRAC and la Région Alsace Linz 2009, European capital of culture and Pflasterspektakel, In-Situ – European network, La Halle Verrière, Meisenthal, L'Usine, place under convention dedicated to Street Arts in Tournefeuille, Auteurs d'Espace Public 2010 (SACD). This project obtained in 2007 a support from SACD-DMDTS « Ecrire pour la rue ». The company Luc Amoros is under convention with le Ministère de la Culture et de la communication - DRAC d’Alsace, subsidized by le Conseil Régional d’Alsace and le Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, and is supported by the town of Strasbourg.

Bilbobasso - Polar

Besançon (25) – Creation in 2010 Ardent Tango – 50 mn – accessible to all

You get there and discover a mysterious crime scene: a young woman is dead. You rewind the last 24 hours of her life to understand what had happened. You then dive into her universe, a cabaret where the boss, a double bass player, a singer mix... all these people love one another and tear each other apart, yet that day, something will happen that will change it all...
The 30's, bad boy, femme fatale, black market, jazz on the phono, bank stick up... all the ingredients of a detective novel are gathered in this show, mixing Argentinian Tango, music and Fire Arts.

Having bewitched us with their previous creation A Fuego Lento at le Mai des Arts, the company presents here its new creation supported by the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau.

>> On Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th at 11:03 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Artistic Direction: Delphine Dartus and Hervé Perrin, construction, special effects: Guillaume de Baudreuil (Cie Tricyclique Dol), costumes: Souen (Syéphane Thomas and Tania Dietrich) With: Hervé Perrin: double bass, dance and acting, Delphine Dartus : accordion, dance and acting, Yohanna Biojout : singing, dance and acting, Patrice Meissirel : guitar, dance and acting, Catherine Roy : piano, accordion, dance and acting.

Partners Creation support: Le Fourneau in Brest (Brittany), l'Atelier 231 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen : National Centres for Street Arts, A la rue association in Nevers, la Roche de Trésor, Pierrefontaine les Varans, La Mine d'Arles sur Tech and le Théâtre de l'Unité in Audincourt With the support of : Town of Besançon, Region of Franche-Comté, la DRAC Franche-Comté, and le Conseil Général du Doubs

Bébert et Lolo (Les Cousins) - Complètement à la rue

Pantin (93) – Creation in 2010 Street Theatre for a clumsy juggler and a mischievous dog – 35 mn – accessible to all

After almost twenty years of work in trio with Les Cousins, Laurent Serre starts his solo artistic adventure. No quite solo, as he is accompanied here with Bébert... his dog! Bébert is not a « performing » animal, but a full partner, involved in the writing of the show.
Complètement à la rue is the story of a man and his dog performing a show. The man is nervous. The dog is playful. Bébert loves people. And loves playing, always playing....Then obviously, Bébert and Lolo form a funny tandem...

After a first public experiment in Ste Sève, as part of le Mai des Arts, we meet this colorful duet again, the result of a surprising complicity between the man and the animal.

>> On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th at 7:12 pm, Friday 6th at 6:18 pm and 7:33 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team With: Bébert and Lolo (Laurent Serre), Actors' directing: Myriam Masson.

Partners Creation support: Les Ateliers Frappaz in Villeurbane, CAPI in Villefontaine, l'Atelier 231 in Sotteville-lès-Rouen and le Fourneau in Brest – National Centres for Street Arts, l'APSOAR in Boulieu-les-Annonay, and le Musée-Théâtre Guignol in Brindas. Support: DRAC Ile-de-France

Une de Plus - Juré-craché

Plouguerneau (29) – Creation in 2010 Street theatre and puppets – 50 mn

Work in progress...

When three brothers and a sister open the book of their youth and invite us to dive into the net of a dark nostalgia, and of a memory of shared joys... it results in a sensitive show, in the form of a constant coming–and-going between adulthood and childhood, where anyone can make theirs and tell their own story...

After its previous creation Trois, performed at le FAR in 2006 and 2009, the Brittany-based company presents its brand-new show at le FAR, both beautiful and disturbing.

>> On Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th, Friday 6th at 11:03 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Writing, directing, scenography, acting : Guillaume Chave, Eric Hervé, Véronique Lécuyer and Jean-Sébastien Richard, music: Daniel Monge, puppets: Eric Hervé, Set : Guillaume Chave, Eric Hervé and Jean-Sébastien Richard, costumes : Paméla Masseport, choreorapher : Olivier Gemser (Cie Tango Sumo), outside look: Martine Rateau, sound and light: Loïc Lecadre Production manager: Agathe Delaporte

Partners National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau in Brest, A la Rue association in Nevers, la DRAC Bretagne, la DMDTS, le conseil Général du Finistère (in progress), le Conseil Régional de Bretagne (in progress), and l'ADAMI

Claire Ducreux - Barco de Arena

Spain – Creation in 2008 Poetic street dance – 25 mn – accessible to all

A dancer and a structure, sometimes bridge, sometimes boat, or anything else you want. A character evolving on a background of sadness, who is prone to happiness and eager to share his universe, his loneliness, also his humor, his doubts, his tenderness and his clumsiness.

How to be a graceful, delicate, and charmingly funny dancer at the same time? Claire Ducreux successful answered this risky question, and with Barco de Arena proposes a dance solo for the street, with universal feelings.

>> On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th at 11:03 pm


Equipe Creation and performance: Claire Ducreux

Gipsy Burek Orchestra

Brest (29) - Macédoine – Creation in 2010 Brass band from the Balkans – 45 mn – accessible to all

It had been in the pipeline for a while. Thanks to saxophonist Fanch Martres, based both in Brest and in Macedonia half of the year, Brittany-based brass band Burek gets together with virtuoso musicians from Kocani, world-known capital for brass instruments in Macedonia.
A fully original repertory came out of this encounter, making you dive into the overexcited atmosphere of the Balkan weddings!

>> On Wednesday 4th at 8:33 pm and 11:03 pm, Thursday 5th at 8:33 pm and 11:33 pm and Friday 6th at 11:33 pm

Team and partners

Team With: Esat Saliev and Elvis Saliev: tuba, Daragan Petkovic: trumpet, Gigi Stojanov: singing and composition, Gaby Kerconduff: trumpet, bugle and bombard, François Martres: saxophone, Guillaume Guern: clarinet, Lionel Mauguen : banjo, saz and guitar, Yves-Marie Berthou: tapan and derbouka and Emmanuel Martres : Helicon.

Partner Production : Hirundo Rustica

Pied en Sol - Cabaret Dada

Redon (35) – Creation in 2009 Choreographic and mechanical sound fiction – 45 mn – accessible to all

In the smallest cabaret in the world, three artists venture on arts, sometimes with brilliance, sometimes with humour and poetry,..The Cabaret Dada is a succession of numbers where three disciplines mix: dance, music and singing, with an energy that makes everything become possible.

A ménage-à-trois, a story that is not quite one, a retro-futuristic music, soft madness and strangeness feelings, that is the universe of the new creation of this company from Brittany, whom the streets of Morlaix know quite well now.

>> On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th at 8:03 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Of and with : Brigitte Trémelot, Denis Madeleine and Christophe Duclos, choreography : Brigitte Trémelot and Denis Madeleine, sound universe (machines, sax, chromatic accordion, voices) : Christophe Duclos, Directing: Fred Renno, outside look: Killian Madeleine, costumes : Bastien Guhur, set: Pied en Sol, radiotelephony with the voices of: Maud Gérard, Johann Sauvage, Fred Renno, Christophe Duclos, Brigitte Trémelot and Denis Madeleine, graphic designer: Paul Verveine.

Partners DRAC Bretagne, Conseil Régional de Bretagne, Conseil Général d'Ille-et-Vilaine, Art Vivant in Ille-et-Vilaine, Communauté de Communes du Pays de Redon, l'ADDAV 56, SPEDIDAM, National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau in Brest, Le Forum – Nivillac Centre of Culture, the town of Port-Louis, Le Canal - Théâtre du Pays de Redon.

Tony Clfton Circus - Christmas Forever

Italy - Belgium – Creation in 2009 Insane Street Theatre – 60 mn – accessible to all

Father Christmas is a saint. He is a super-hero, a marketing construction... He is the absolute symbol of the trend for immoderate consumption. He is one of Olympia’s divinities of collective imagination. Every child, when discovering that Father Christmas does not exist, understands that he is growing up, and that things will not be as beautiful and magic as they had been so far.

In this new crazy creation, Tony Clifton Circus’ mad artists-comedians attack the myth around Father Christmas... What a programme!

>> On Friday 6th at 9:03 pm | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Tony Clifton Circus : Nicola Danesi de Luca, lacopo Fulgi, Enzo Palazzoni, Michel Jurowicz and Stefano Cenci.

Partners Residencies and coproductions: ZTLpro (Italy), Soliera Arti Vive Festival, Modène (Italy), Armunia - Festival Costa degli Etruschi (Italy), Lieux Publics in Marseille, Les Ateliers Frappaz in Villeurbanne, National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau in Brest. Residencies: Animakt in Saulx-les-Chartreux, Le Lieu Noir in Sète.

Sergent Pépère - Du vent sous les robes

Rennes (35) – Creation in 2010 Unbridled brass band – 60 mn – accessible to all

Between brass band and fairground mini-big-band, Sergent Pépère has a fully original repertory, with their compositions mixing set pieces and musical improvisation.
Since 1998, Sergent Pépère has been mixing various types of music, sound sets and scenic images, printing their footprint in the wide street-arts brass band environment.

After their performances at le Mai des Arts, Rennes-based brass band comes back at Le FAR to give us a breath of musical air.

>> On Wednesday 4th at 9:33 pm, Thursday 5th à 5:17 pm and 9:03 pm | | La résidence au Fourneau

Team and partners

Team Daniel-Yves Fournier: compositions, accordion, singing, keyboards, Eric Leguichard: compositions, saxophones, Matthieu Letournel: compositions, bassoonist, trumpet, Alain Philippe: drums, Stéphane Robinet: percussion, Voices, Erwan Thobie : compositions, trombone, Philippe Languille (Cie Udre-Olik): directing, Cécile Pelletier: costumes, Didier Martin : Lights, François Leblay: production, Pascal Cabanne : touring, Jean-Michel Auclair: photographs

Partners Associate Production: La Station Service Creation support: National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau in Brest, l'Antipode in Rennes and and the Centre of Culture Pôle Sud in Chartres in Brittany With the support of: l'Adami, CNV, Spedidam, la DRAC Bretagne, le Conseil Régional de Bretagne and the town of Rennes.

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