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FAR du Pays de Morlaix

International Street Theatre Festival in Brittany
Festival International de Théâtre de Rue en Bretagne

from August 4th to 6th, 2010 - 24th edition
du 4 au 6 août 2010 - 24ème édition

18 companies from France and England within the framework of the European network ZEPA,
from Australia, Colombia, Macedonia, Italy and Spain


The complete programme [Fr]

Download the complete programme (pdf 1.4Mo) [Fr]


Here is the summer, and soon the 24th edition of Le FAR will take place, from August 4th to 6th, 2010, for the biggest pleasure of all.

In the continuity of le Mai des Arts, Morlaix Communauté confirms its commitment by organizing, in partnership with the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau, this beautiful event that is the street arts festival.

Several street theatre companies from France, Spain, Colombia, Macedonia, Italy and England will liven up the town of Morlaix during three evenings bringing thus humour, extravagance, poetry and unconventional look.

This summer festival is always expected with so much enthusiasm as is, every year, le Mai des Arts and we are proud to add our contribution to this common edifice, that is the animation and the attractiveness of our territory.

President of Morlaix Communauté


Morlaix Communauté 2B voie d’accès au port - 29600 Morlaix Tél : 02 98 15 31 31 / Fax : 02 98 15 31 32 -

« Berc'h d'ar c'hoariva, place au théâtre ! »

From August 4th to 6th, the Pays de Morlaix and its centre town become the summer welcome land for artists and street arts enthusiasts. During three days, the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau, the elected representatives of Morlaix Communauté and their partners invite you to discover artists' singular universes quick to upset the everyday life, to mix artistic disciplines in the public place. In the programme, 60 public meetings, 20 shows among which 9 recent creations, without forgetting the 3 times of meetings and debates which participate to the citizen thought on the place of culture, here and elsewhere.

« They are coming ! » :
5 compagnies from England !

This 2010 edition of Le FAR gives an important place to British companies which come within the framework of the European network ZEPA (European Zone of Artistic projects). 5 of them come here to meet the inhabitants of the tip of Brittany with energy, humour and derision sprinkled with British phlegm. They will shared the streets with artists from Italy, Macedonia, Colombia, Spain and France such as Tango Sumo from Morlaix which will celebrate their 10 years of dance through the world !

Welcome to Brittany international land for imaginary !
Bienvenue en Bretagne, terre internationale de culture d'imaginaire(s) !


Michèle Bosseur et Claude Morizur, Co directors of the National Centre for Street Arts le Fourneau.
Yannick Besnier, Vice-President of Le Fourneau and President of the Association des Mordus.


Centre National des Arts de la Rue le Fourneau,
11, quai de la douane - 29200 Brest
02 98 46 19 46 | |

N° de licences d’entrepreneur de spectacles : 1-1029050, 2-1019022 et 3-1019023



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